Hay Fever

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

This classic comedy of bad manners performed by the Bruce James Production Company begins with the arrival of four guests invited independently by different members of the Bliss family for a weekend at their country house.

The guests are alternately amused, ignored, humiliated and finally abandoned to slink away by themselves during a blazing family row.

The cast is headed by Kaye Quinley as Judith Bliss, along with Sarah Stanley as Sorel Bliss, Ellis Kerkhoven as Simon Bliss, Sarah Whitlock as the maid Clara, Trevor Littledale as David Bliss, Paul Chesterton as Sandy Tyrell, Jane Shakespeare as Myra Arundel, Patrick Bird as Richard Greatham and Jo Castleton as Jackie Coryton.

Sticking close to the 1920s original by Coward, the cast had immaculate timing, enabling them to bring off some of the more argumentative scenes with a clarity and humour sometimes missing in amateur productions.

In fact, Jo Castleton, as Jackie, brought just the right amount of 'shrinking violet' and pathos without losing the comic side of the character, and the whole Bliss family were nutty as a fruitcake.

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An enjoyable night out with one of Britain's best playwrights.

t Runs until Saturday, September 25.

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