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Harry Hill returned to the Theatre Royal with his own unique brand of the zany and the silly.

And judging by the audience's response on Saturday, it was a prescription for laughter from the former doctor-turned alternative stand-up comic.

Hill is an acquired taste, he's a comic you either love or hate but there's no denying there was something for everyone in this fast-paced mish-mash of mirth and mayhem.

I suspect that some of the repartee from the self-styled floppy-collared clown prince of daft was lost on some of the audience - they just didn't get it.

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But comedy's very much a personal taste. As has been said before, his brand of comedy comes close to being surreal.

The audience has to keep up with Hill's wacky world, otherwise they can lose the thread. His novel technique of suddenly, without warning, returning to earlier subjects can catch you unawares.

Hill connected with his audience and we saw domestic engineer (cleaner) Karen up on stage playing a round of inter-species tennis (swing-ball) with his trademark glove puppet. Another audience member was invited to put on a white wig and shawl to become Hill's granny.

Unlike other alternative comics, Hill relies on visual aids and among the sights on stage were his “dad”, complete, with Zimmer frame and Argos carrier bag, his musicians and his puppets.

His show rekindles images of the old colourful music-hall variety acts with his use of props, ventriloquism, a dressing-up box and silly walks and falling over. You certainly get plenty for your ticket money.

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