The Waterfront, Norwich

> The Waterfront, Norwich

Looking around a sold-out Waterfront at Norwich's twenty-somethings in Fred Perry tennis shirts and white trainers dancing alongside indie kids in military jackets and baseball boots, you would be hard-pressed to name the band.

But that's because Hard-Fi are not indie, not pop, but part of an altogether new genre of lad bands full of swagger, dropped aitches and suburban songwriting.

But unlike the irritating cockiness of Oasis's Liam Gallagher, Hard-Fi's lead singer has a different confidence.

Richard Archer has worked hard to pull himself out of rundown Staines and become a rock star and he's loving every minute. But more importantly, he's making sure the audience love it too.

Predictably the crowd went crazy to the singles, including Tied Up Too Tight. But the show also highlights how beautifully constructed songs like Feltham Is Singing Out and Stars of CCTV are.

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