ALISON CROOSE Angles Theatre, Wisbech


The performing arts department at Isle College, Wisbech, is clearly awash with talent. Nine Lives Theatre Company, 30 final-year students, reincarnated the age of hippies and flower power through the musical which sums up the Sixties.

In its day, Hair was controversial. In this production, director Adrian Bell dealt with nudity with subtlety and taste – but, most importantly, he presented a splendid evening's entertainment.

He ensured the cast captured the spirit of the age and injected their own understanding of the issues of the day into their performance.

The result was a high-energy show that used every inch of available space in the compact theatre with a very effective three-dimensional set.

It was fast-moving and colourful, but most impressive was the vitality with which it was delivered. The show's best-known numbers, Good Morning Starshine and The Age of Aquarius, were given the full treatment by musical director Ivan Garford.

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