Gunton Arms Festival of food and music is deer-licious event

The Gunton Arms Festival. Picture: The Gunton Arms.

The Gunton Arms Festival. Picture: The Gunton Arms. - Credit: The Gunton Arms.

One of North Norfolk's best-loved restaurants has launched its own festival, celebrating everything about the area's culture.

The Gunton Arms, located in the heart of an a thousand acre deer park, greeted guests with music, food and drink, to their first annual festival on August 5.

Rupert Orton is the festival's promotor and said: 'We sold out within two weeks of the tickets going on sale.

'What's unique about this festival is that it makes the most of the North Norfolk culture. We had venison, which is a speciality as we're in a deer park, and all of the acts had a connection to Norfolk in some way.'

Mr Orton continued: 'We wanted the bands playing to reflect the high quality and standards of the food and service at the Gunton Arms, as well as sourcing as many acts as possible from the local area, and those who have played in Norfolk before.'

Headlining the event were family triplet Kitty Durham, Lewis Durham, and Daisy Durham, who form band Kitty, Daisy & Lewis.

Mr Orton said: 'They're toured all over the world, but played their first shows at a Sunday afternoon club hosted by Norwich music hero, Big Steve Arelene, in Camden in 2002.'

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Supporting the event was home-grown talent from Norwich, with band Sink Ya Teeth, as well as the Black Kat Boppers and DJ 78, playing into the night.

Mr Orton continued: 'This actually began when I was in a band and played at the Gunton Arms.

'Stuart and Simone Tattersall who run the restaurant contacted me and said how wonderful it would be to work on this, and so planning started last year. The atmosphere at the festival's great, and really unique because it's special to North Norfolk.'

Head chef at the restaurant, Stuart Tattershall, served food in the restaurant in the way customers have become accustomed to seeing.

'In the Elk Room, which is the main dining room, visitors will see Stuart cooking venison, steak and sausages on the open fire,' Mr Orton added.

Steaks are also sourced from nearby sources, from a herd owned by the nearby Blickling Estate.

The festival also boasted a barbecue, as well as a fish tacos and vegetarian options on offer.

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