Green Dragon Tavern, Wymondham, food review: An exceptional drinkers pub with good food to match

Green Dragon Wymondham all lit up at night

Green Dragon Wymondham all lit up at night - Credit: ANDREW TAYLOR

As first impressions go, the Green Dragon Tavern in Wymondham makes a very pretty one.

Onion rings at the Green Dragon Tavern. Picture: Archant

Onion rings at the Green Dragon Tavern. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

The 14th century tavern is nestled mid-way down a quiet street off the town's main drag, lit from within by that orangey-glow that only proper pubs have.

We were seated in the front dining room, which was cosy but not claustrophobic, having made our way past an impressively stocked bar.

And if you're thinking about making a trip, that's the thing to remember: its speciality is craft beers and ales.

Lucky for the designated drivers out there, the food is of a good standard even though it's a drinker's pub.

Egg and chips. Picture: Archant

Egg and chips. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

At first I was left a bit cold with the menu's offerings. It laid bare all the usual suspects; bangers and mash, fish and chips. But nothing that lit my light bulbs.

That was until our neighbouring table staggered in having stolen the huge specials board from the front bar.

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This was where you found dishes from further afield – curries, fish stews, casseroles.

We started with the battered halloumi and the mixed platter of olives and feta.

Fish and chips at the Green Dragon. Picture: Archant

Fish and chips at the Green Dragon. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

The olives and feta were fine, that's all there is to say, but I agree with my flatmate who said: 'These guys know how to batter.'

Thanks to that, the halloumi was delicious. Admittedly you could tell it wasn't the best cheese in the world, but we're not in Greece and the unusual addition of sweet chilli jam compensated for that.

Having made my point of being disappointed and then impressed by the menu, we subsequently ordered the two most common pub meals on offer.

I had the ham, egg and chips, and my roommate chose the fish and chips.

Olives, feta and bread platter at the Green Dragon. Picture: Archant

Olives, feta and bread platter at the Green Dragon. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

I had been advised to try the chips, and kudos to my editor – they were fantastic.

They were the dream chip; crunchy and slightly smoky on the outside but fluffy and – brace yourselves – actually tasted of potato on the inside.

I asked whether the ham was served warm, was told it was, and so was a bit bemused when it came out as cold as the plate.

Likewise my flatmate, who enjoyed the light and fresh batter on his fish, found the meat itself a bit heavy and underwhelming.

Battered halloumi. Picture: Archant

Battered halloumi. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

Despite this, the onion rings were a triumph. Once cooled they remained crispy and were well seasoned, the batter was light and onion flavour noticeable.


The beer selection is where this place stands above the rest – it has everything you could wish for and a couple of extras.


Customers recline in comfortable chairs in front of the fire, laughing and joking with the staff who new them by name.

It's warm, and looks like something out of a fairytale. Well worth going for the experience alone.


Attentive, friendly, relaxed.


Street parking, or there's a free car park after 6pm at the end of the road.


Between £20 to £25 a head for a couple of courses and very nice drinks.


The chips.

In summary:

Worth travelling to for the atmosphere and drinks. You can find food of equal standard elsewhere but the setting gives this place an edge.



Three dishes you must try:

1. The battered halloumi

2. The chips

3. It doesn't count as a dish, but try one of the pale ales. They're sublime.

Value for money:

Not bad.

If you like that, try this:

1. Briton's Arms, Norwich: Another ancient pub but in the centre of city.

2. The Shipp Inn, South Walsham: Another classic pub, but with a bit more creativity in the menu.

3. The Lifeboat Inn, Thornham: A bit more hit and miss, but when they get it right they really nail it.