Graham Coxon

The Waterfront, Norwich

The Waterfront, Norwich

Former Blur members' side projects are a mixed bag.

Damon Albarn can seemingly do no wrong with his forays into R 'n' B and world music.

Then there's Alex James, last seen dressed in a skirt surrounded by musicians in animal costumes while '80s popster Betty 'doing the do' Boo sings about a wigwam.

So while Graham Coxon is not the most successful, he can tell himself that things could be so much worse.

His songs are lyrically twee, but at least rhyming “you're beautiful” with “you're really cool” shows more imagination than James Blunt's mind-numbing repetition.

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The highlight is the scratchy guitar, reminiscent of the edge he used to add to Albarn's songwriting.

This was a punk-influenced set with Don't Let Your Man Know and I Can't Look At Your Skin.

The crowd were a docile bunch. At one point Coxon joked: “You'd rather be watching Antiques Roadshow.”

That might be going a bit far, but Coronation Street might have had a few takers.

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