Graham Coxon

EMMA LEE The Waterfront, Norwich


Former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon brought his solo show to a sweltering Norwich Waterfront last night.

Seeing him shuffle shyly on to the stage and mumble a greeting, it was hard to belief he was once a member of one of the country's biggest bands.

But once he struck up a few chords, his hidden rock god was unleashed and he hunched over, hammering at the fret board of his guitar like a man possessed.

As was to be expected, the crowd mostly consisted of Blur fans curious to see how his solo career is progressing. And the verdict? Hit and miss.

While he may feel more creatively fulfilled having been freed of the shackles of keeping record-company bosses happy with healthy sales, the result is not always easy on the ear.

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Coxon has proved himself to be a prolific solo artist, if nothing else. He has released four albums on his own label, Transcopic, including the recent Happiness In Magazines.

And he can write great pop songs, such as the latest single Bittersweet Bundle of Misery and Freakin' Out.

But sadly, some of last night's set was a bit too self-indulgent.

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