To have one great vocalist in your band could be considered to be fortunate. Gomez are blessed with three.

To have one great vocalist in your band could be considered to be fortunate. However, as Sunday night's sold-out gig at UEA proved, Gomez are blessed with three.

Ian Balls's raucous vocals on the opener, Shot Shot, led neatly into the gravel-throated blues-tinged tone of Ben Ottewell on the lyrical Rex Kramer. Ottewell who, like the others, hails from Southport, has the ability to reach the vocal depths of a Delta blues man, and yet in the same song sing the sweetest melody. Add to this Tom Gray's harmonies, a collective ability to write great songs and the inventive rhythm section of Paul Blackburn and Olly Pearson, they are a very fine band. Only in the Beatles and Teenage Fan Club have three part harmonies sounded as sweet.

Gray won the crowd over with a reference to Norwich City's play-off win and then convinced them to dance and sing along to Get Myself Arrested. The hauntingly beautiful Sound Of Sound calmed the audience down after the pop classic 78 Stone Wobble had wound them up.

They had the audience eating out of the palms of their hands and when they culminated with Whippin Piccadilly, there was virtually nobody in the house not singing along.

Three years ago they walked away with the Mercury Music Award for their debut album, Bring It On. Tonight they sounded just as inventive and original. A great gig.


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