Our final Hares Rock competition clue is revealed

Artist Rebecca Osborne has painted 10 rocks with GoGoHares for EN and EDP readers to find.Picture: N

Artist Rebecca Osborne has painted 10 rocks with GoGoHares for EN and EDP readers to find.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Today is the day we reveal the last clue in our Hares Rock competition and from tomorrow the final five decorated rocks will be hidden across Norfolk ready for GoGo fans to find.

Artist Rebecca Osborne has decorated 10 stones with GoGo characters. Five were hidden last weekend – three of which have been found at Cromer beach, Wymondham Abbey, and Norwich's Cathedral Close – and the next five will be hidden on Saturday from 9am.

The final clue for one of the rocks being hidden is: To find this Hares Rock head intu these fantastic gardens where you might listen to a trumpet band, play oversized chess or meet people enjoying a picnic. Alternatively, enjoy the children's play area or watch out for restaurant goers with their sombreros.

The clues for the rest of the rocks being hidden on Saturday are:

This Hares Rock appears where many stars have previously trodden, above the waves and on the board walk in this 'Great' Norfolk seaside town.

You may also want to watch:

This #Hares Rock can be found resting just a rocks throw from this city public sculpture.

This Hares Rock is placed in the centre of Norwich looking up at one of the city's most iconic sights, on the hill surrounded by trees and colourful shrubs.

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This waterfront country park owned by a famous family has all you could want, including a #Hares Rock.

The first person to find each stone wins one of our GoGoHares sticker albums and 95 sticker packs.

People can also buy the album for £5 at www.edp24.co.uk/haresThe GoGoHares trails are being brought to the city and county by children's charty Break and Wild in Art. They start this Sunday and will run until September 8.

There will be a trail of 50 large hares in the city as well as a county trail of 18 moongazer GoGoHares across Norfolk.

The second city trail of more than 160 leverets will also join in the fun from early July.

For more information, visit www.gogohares.co.uk

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