Gob Squad



Gob Squad - The Playhouse, Norwich.

Cinema has great immediacy but film making is a notoriously drawn out business that kills spontaneity but Gob Squad tried to get over the problem by making their show the product of no fewer than four videos shot on the hoof by the performers themselves.

Gender and Age are irrelevant is one of the cheering slogans proclaimed at the start. All the same Johanna Freiburg, Elyce Semeneck, Sarah Thom and Simon Will are names that say enough, and all four of them are young.

The plot is wayward but clear enough. Out go our hero and heroines, questing for romance in the streets of Norwich. In a combination of Candid Camera, You Have Been Framed and The Man in the White Suit they find more fine buildings than susceptible passers by. When they do get a response, it is generally pretty phlegmatic. Don't get involved with eccentrics is the rule most people follow.

So some practices routines have to come into play, and some dressing up for a touch of fantasy. Still everything ends up in a prolonged moment of gaiety. Then all dash back to the Playhouse.

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