Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Playhouse

This fusion of African, Brazilian, Cuban and Indian music lit up the stage like a fiery beacon.

A trip to exotic climes, without ever leaving foggy Norfolk. Early pieces like Toque de Cajon seem to echo in bright, tinny tones straight from the docks of Havana, where workers used packing boxes of fish to tap out some musical joy.

Later highlights included the Lion song from Zimba-bwe complete with dance by Glynnis Masuku, who appeared to bounce a ball of energy from feet to head.

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Her African rhythms sparked off Indian dancer Padmaja Das.

By part two, the informal 12-strong crowd on stage had spread their warmth to the audience. Malele, their opener, an improvisation around a Brazilian rhythm, was spellbinding as the full gamut of percussive sound from tabla to conga swished into life - reminiscent of those long introductions favoured by Roxy Music. This marked my favourite moment of the night.

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Music to melt the icy streets!

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