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“Chick Lit”-style entertainment came to the stage with playwright (and ex-UEA student) Louise Roache's witty and touching story of a singing trio's friendship tested to the limit by lies, ambition and, of course, men!

Spanning 10 years, we followed the highs and lows in the relationship of “The Diamonds” - Sadie, Lois and Serena. Their differing personalities, hang-ups and dreams were convincingly and entertainingly portrayed, and women of all ages will have found something to relate to.

Men, too, will have gained a great insight into what women really talk to each other about and why female camaraderie is so important.

As the story unfolded through a well- thought-out mix of conversation, monologues and songs, we came to understand and indeed empathise with the reasons why Lois (Penelope Woodman) was so self-absorbed and status-driven, why Sadie (Catherine Rice) used her sharp tongue and wit to mask a hard and tragic past, and why good-natured Serena (Laura Shep-

pard) found herself caught in the middle.

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How they chose to deal with the resulting, inevitable breakdown in relations was skilfully delivered through a hilarious script that had us laughing and crying with them.

But what made Girls Behind a really great night out was the fantastic and well-executed string of songs. The cast proved they are great all-rounders with powerful singing voices, and left the audience suitably impressed.

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