Gig of the weekend - The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess answers your questions

Tim Burgess. photo by Emilie Bailey

Tim Burgess. photo by Emilie Bailey - Credit: Archant

For this week's Gig of the Weekend I highlight Tim Burgess' upcoming performance at the Norwich Arts Centre, on Saturday 23rd February

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Frontman to the Manchester indie-legends The Charlatans, Tim Burgess is currently touring his recent 2012 LP 'Oh No I Love You' and this Saturday he will be making his first ever solo stop to Norwich at the Norwich Arts Centre.

'Oh No I Love You' was released in October 2012 after a nine year break from his solo career, the album received great praise from both critics and fans a like.

Here is the official video to a single track taken from 'Oh No I love You', 'White'.

Tickets are already running out for the intimate gig at the Arts Centre so don't hang about if you want your place at what is sure to be a very special night.

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Ticket details can be found at, call for availability at 01603 508050.

Prior to the gig, Tim took some time to answer questions submitted to him by @edp24 followers on twitter.

Any memories of Norwich from previous gigs in Norwich?

Tim: 'Yes, I love The University of East Anglia - we've played there a few times and there's something really fantastic about it. It's not just the actual venue but the whole place is so cool - it's kind of futuristic but not scary futuristic. There's not many venues that have their own lake. We played there in 2006 - when Simpatico came out. I just remember it being a really enjoyable gig. I've been to a couple of things at the Arts Centre so can't wait to play there.'

What do you know about the Arts Centre, where you are playing this Saturday?

Tim: 'I've spent quite a bit of time in and around Norwich for the last 6 months and a friend took me to the Arts Centre at the end of last year. I really love that size of venue - it's interesting to see what bands and plays are on around the same time. Justin Moorhouse is on a couple of nights before - I'd recommend him. He's from Manchester and really funny. There's kind of a bit of everything. But, yeah, I've been there a bit and done a bit of a reccy.

@ManicMotherof5 are you really as mad as a box of frogs or do you just pretend?! #amazingfrontman

Tim: 'It depends what kind of frogs they are. I've had my moments but it's been 23 years in a tourbus - enough to drive anyone a bit crackers. There's not exactly a sign to that says 'You Don't Have To Be Mad To Work Here But it Helps' but you don't but it does. I think I'm fairly normal but I think that might be the first sign.'

Which do you enjoy most and why? Playing solo or in a band?

Tim: 'Well, playing solo for me still involves a band - in fact it still involves a Charlatan so the differences are mainly in the different people involved. Playing gigs with The Charlatans has never lost it's shine but I kind of enjoy whatever it is I'm doing at the moment a bit more. We played some gigs with this line up last year and I can't wait to meet up with them tomorrow. Hope they feel the same!'

A Charlatans question … @richywill Were you aware at the time of how many music fans you helped save after the years of Stock, Aitken & Waterman?

Tim 'I think we were pretty proud of meaning something to people and being seen as something with a bit more edge. It was odd that the PWL stuff came directly before us. We didn't feel like we were saving anyone or anything but we'll take the credit if it's going ; )'

@davedanger1977 'Americana is clearly a inspiration why is this genre so special to you'? Dave & Confused 107.8fm future radio

Tim: 'Americana is a funny one to define. It's more obvious what it is in the UK but in America I suppose it's just 'music'. I suppose Lambchop may be seen as the kings of Americana and I got to record the album with some members of the band. I had the privilege of writing some of the songs with Kurt Wagner - we didn't necessarily aim for an Americana sound but we were in Nashville, at The Beech House and it kind of snuck in. We were calling it Country and North Western. Some of Kurt and some of me'

@BrowneyPants Hi Tim. Who would you love to collaborate with?

Tim: 'Benny and Bjorn'

@JournoKim Funniest gig moment ever?

Tim: 'I've fallen off the front of the stage before. Funny for everyone else except me though'

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