Gerry Park - Work on Paper

The Cut, Halesworth

> The Cut, Halesworth

Wrestling shapes from the restraints of realism and liberating them with primitive expression, Park's style is reminiscent of early German Expressionism.

There is a liberated, uplifting sense of joy in his charcoal series of dancers. The viewer is drawn to the ecstasy of the female form as she cavorts with abandon amongst the trees, her frenzied antics leading to a mystical transmogrification in Hare Dance.

In contrast, some pieces exude a distinct sense of foreboding. Obscured behind an overlay of light gestural markings that prevent the viewer from penetrating Woodland Incident, the heavy tangled forms seem distinctly sinister. And the impenetrably dark Winter Copse brings forth a host of fearful imaginings.

Some of the charcoal works suggest human forms striving to free themselves, and with obsessive repetition, Park regurgitates his favoured repertoire of stump, sentinel and tangle in lurid lime and lilac oils.

Of the forms that predominate Park's work, the most notable is, perhaps, illustrated in Heap, this heaving entanglement of schematic slits and protrusions possess an inherent sexuality. Similarly, Tangle makes use of these same references and even the compositional division of the canvas is replicated in Pink Stack. These are not sophisticated forms, yet their simplification - angular and spiky, distorted and enmeshed - lends a potent edge to this exhibition.

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