Game of Thrones is destroying me. It’s just too much emotion in one night

Game of Thrones (C) HBO

Game of Thrones (C) HBO - Credit: (C) HBO

It's just a TV show, right? And yet is has taken over our emotions to such an extent, Liz Nice is wondering if we will ever be quite the same again

Games of Thrones is becoming too much for an average human being to endure.

Not only do you need 20/20 vision and night glasses to be able to even see the thing, the last two weeks of viewing have left me sobbing afterwards for at least 10 minutes.

This may be a reflection of my mental state, I grant you, but I am not sure how much more I can take.

It started when Brienne was knighted, which brought me to my own knees at the thought that one day I too might get recognised in the world of men as an equal.

Doubt it will ever happen, but one can but hope.

Then, this week, we had redemption for deluded Melisandre and hopeless Theon within moments of each other, Ser Jorah finally expiring in order to save the only woman he has ever loved, and, of course, Arya's coming of age which just took me back to the little girl who saw her amazing father brutally slaughtered, fast forwarding through her journey from ruffian to ruthless killing machine to reconciled sister to no-longer-a-virgin and finally, the heroine of all the world.

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I actually said her name out loud, alone in my sitting room, like she is a real person. And of course she is.

She is the little girl in all of us, who wants our daddy to save us but realises, in the end, that it is all on her.

And didn't she rise to the occasion – in a way that was far more comfortable for all of us, let it be said, then when she got Gendry to rise up to her command last week?

There are so many characters in Game of Thrones that it is difficult to pick a favourite, but I realised in that moment that Arya is, and was always mine.

Whatever has befallen her, she has never stopped fighting.

And what does she say to the God of death? Not today.

In the coming weeks, we know what we have got coming.

Cersei will brought down by her brother, despite his love for her – perhaps because he loves Brienne more.

Tyrion cannot die – if he does, none of us will ever smile again – and hopefully he will find genuine love, with Sansa perhaps, which will bring us all close to emotional collapse.

Jon and Dani will likely implode when it becomes clear that he is the true and only king, and it is power, rather than the love of her nephew (which, let's face it, is a bit too 'ew' for all of us), that she really wants most of all.

Things don't bode well for the dragons and where was the dire wolf last night?

But we might just stomach all of that, if we have a stiff gin at our side, and if Bran continues to sit there, not really doing anything, rather than growing a heart.

But the killer blow, as we all know, will be when the Hound and the Mountain finally face each other and Arya's reluctance to succumb to the Hound's unlikely paternal love – no doubt in deference to her father – will dissipate at last - probably as he dies.

If that happens, we are all done for.

The God of Death really will be upon us, our hearts will be irrevocably broken, and we may as well write off 'today' and every other day because we will never be quite the same people again.

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