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What an uncanny and spicy cocktail of intrigue, humour and topical issues this local author, Martin Sterling, has very successfully blended together. There are plenty of references to Norfolk and Suffolk.

Firstly there is the couple who met on internet dating who are away for their first weekend together. Immediately you see the issue of baggage, mistrust, hope and fear. This is brought out so vividly by Judy, played by Lucy Benjamin. Her neurotic behaviour and dependence upon antidepressants coupled with counselling provided ammunition. Her so called partner, Sam (Vincenzo Pellegrino) was perhaps not the most sympathetic, but of course, he was not all he made out to be. Adding a touch of man-eating, washed down with copious amounts of wine was Ann, deliciously played by Sarah Berger.

Increasing the drama and sinister nature of the plot was Tar (Graham Kent), but the real mystery man was MacMillan (Thomas Craig).

So with plenty of topical issues it is amazing how this very fast moving thriller successfully deployed so much humour.

It included events of murder, drug dealing and of course the basic issue of trust and insecurity.

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What a buzz there was from the audience at the end.

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