Fractured exhibition

Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich

Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich

A pastiche of works by artists from the Art Now collective, this exhibition explores themes such as consumerism and the legacy of 21st century global warming.

Carole Barcelona's paintings display an technique that combines fine lines, colour washes and a transparent surface glaze. Intricate symbols and motifs drawn from environmental concerns in the piece Legacy combine with geometric drawings, deconstructed from flag designs by John Mason.

The paintings of Annie Hall echo with the geometric imagery and dazzle with their opulent gold leaf exterior. Francesca Cognetti uses exotic and phalic metaphors to depict the Creation, while George Bocking and Maxine Negus offer a more traditional painting bias.

Keith Pomeroy's works are subversive and modernist. Monochrome and vertically divided, they are almost punctured from beneath the façade. They combine an aesthetic recognition with a suspicion that there is more going on beneath the surface than we are allowed to see.

t Ends July 30.