Blender-free frozen smoothie cubes launched by childhood friends

Smoothie Cubed Joanna Bishop and Charlotte Henriksen Blue Moon cubes

Smoothie³, selling pre-blended and nutritious smoothie cubes, was launched by two Norwich women - Credit: Smoothie³

Two childhood best friends have teamed up to develop blender-free frozen smoothie cubes.

The pair from Norwich aimed to create an easier way for people to quickly enjoy nutritious smoothies without hassle.

Smoothie³ was launched in April by Joanna Bishop and Charlotte Henriksen after months of development.

Smoothie Cubed - Carrot Cake frozen smoothie cubes

The ingredients of the Carrot Cake smoothie cubes including carrots, bananas, dates and maca powder - Credit: Smoothie³

The frozen smoothie cubes work by being added to a shaker and covered in a liquid of your choice. Once melted they can be shaken to make a fresh smoothie, with no blender needed.

Smoothie³ currently offers four plant-based and dairy-free flavours: Queen of Greens, Carrot Cake, Cookie Dough and Blue Moon. 

Joanna, a 25-year-old development chemist, said: “We wanted to start a business together around nutritious food. We’re not into low-fat or low-calorie, we want good body fuel. 

“We want people to have easy access to nutrition, when we speak to people they say they like smoothies and want to make them but don’t have the time. We're trying to solve that problem.

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“We started by testing fresh bottled smoothies but quickly realised we could make better smoothies if we did something different.” 

Charlotte, a 26-year-old tax advisor, added: “With our frozen cubes we can boost the nutritional value and the shelf life as well as filling a gap in the market. 

Smoothie Cubed at The Galley in Horning - Joanna Bishop and Charlotte Henriksen

The co-founders of Smoothie³ - Charlotte Henriksen and Joanna Bishop (L-R) - Credit: Smoothie³

“Frozen smoothie mix from the supermarket generally needs blending and is only fruit but ours are unique. 

"The cubes are pre-blended, pre-portioned and packed with other great stuff like nuts, seeds, veg and powders like spirulina which means you don't have to go out and buy a bag of some superfood ingredient only to use a teaspoon.

“And bottled smoothies have a really short shelf life - once they’re opened you have to chuck them away within a few days. Our cubes have a life of six months.

Smoothie Cubed Queen of Greens frozen smoothie cubes

Smoothie³'s Queen of Greens smoothie contains banana, grapes, spinach, dates and spirulina - Credit: Smoothie³

"There's not really anything else like this. Right now we’re focusing on getting our cubes in front of as many people as possible. We want to grow organically and stay local." 

Smoothie³ cubes can be bought in groups of 48 (up to 16 drinks) or 96 (up to 32 drinks). They also offers three bundles.

The packs can be bought through Smoothie³'s website, with prices ranging from £25 to £70.

Free delivery is available between Aylsham, Fakenham, Mildenhall, Stowmarket, Lowestoft and Ludham.