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Norfolk is blessed with wonderful countryside that produces amazing food and drink - promoted by Proudly Norfolk and the Norfolk Hub - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There are dozens of amazing small producers in the county – and the Norfolk Hub can bring them to your doorstep.

We have a lot of choice when it comes to food and drink these days. Supermarkets pack their shelves with exotic offerings freighted in from all over the world, yet some of the finest products you could hope to bless your tastebuds with are created right here in Norfolk. 

You won’t always find the big national stores stocking products from our small, local producers though. Thankfully, that’s not a problem any more. While the county’s quality wares are promoted by a not-for-profit organisation called Proudly Norfolk Food and Drink, one of its sponsors can deliver the best the county has to offer, right to your door.

The Norfolk Hub began by supplying craft beer from Norfolk brewers to the hospitality trade, but now not only offers a full range of locally produced soft and alcoholic drinks and quality food but also sells direct to the public through its website

Dan Lacey of the Norfolk Hub food and drink distributor

Dan Lacey launched the Norfolk Hub to help people discover the county's brilliant small, craft, local food and drink producers - Credit: Norfolk Hub

“We're on a mission to spread the word to the general public,” says founder Dan Lacey. "When people are aware of the producers we work with – about the whole Proudly Norfolk organisation – they'll try the products, see and taste how wonderful they are and be converted.”

Norfolk business

It’s hard to imagine a more Norfolk brand than the Hub, which began by delivering the Wildcraft Brewery’s Wild Norfolk beer to 130 pubs for the first Norfolk Day in 2018. From there it has grown to represent more than 40 brands with a huge range of products – a real local success story. 

The Norfolk Hub Norfolk Best Beer box

The Norfolk's Best Beer box (£30) is a curated collection of drinks - but you can build your own box for delivery - Credit: Norfolk Hub

Initially, the Hub was focused on the drinks trade, working with small craft brewers and artisan distillers. “By delivering for all our producers, it’s more efficient for them and we’re taking vehicles off the road,” Dan explains. “Rather than each of them having to send vehicles out, it’s just our vans out on the road.”

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The Hub has received a grant for an electric delivery van, so as well as cutting traffic it will be cutting emissions, too. “Sustainability is very important to us,” Dan says. “We’re currently looking at ways to introduce sustainable packaging as well.

“That's a really big part of what we want to achieve, because they are the values that we espouse as a business. It's about community, sustainability, small, craft, local – these are the important principles. We are looking to do our bit in terms of climate change.”

Norfolk Hub Bullards offer

The Bullards Coastal Gin bundle (£24) consists of a refillable bottle, a pouch of Coastal Gin, six Artisan tonics and two Bullards glasses - Credit: Norfolk Hub

The Norfolk Hub food and drink distributor

The Norfolk Hub can supply a huge range of craft beers and artisan spirits - all locally produced - Credit: Norfolk Hub

Food as well as drink

The Covid pandemic inevitably posed challenges for a business that started by supplying pubs, hotels and restaurants – all of which had to close. At the same time as those customers shut their doors, the need for home deliveries was rising so the Norfolk Hub Pantry was created, delivering the best locally produced food as well as drinks to private customers.  

Norfolk Hub Pantry Gourmet Hamper

The Norfolk Hub Pantry offers a range of fine foods from local producers - Credit: Norfolk Hub

“Local is at the heart of what we do," says Dan. "When you buy from us you are getting the best of what Norfolk has to offer – small batch, handmade products from craft producers, who have a huge passion for what they create. The difference really is in the taste.

“The popularity of Proudly Norfolk and the support for local fairs and farmers markets and food festivals has always shown that the people of Norfolk really love the things that are made here,” he concludes. “Only now you don’t have to wait for a food fair to find them. You can order them from the Norfolk Hub and we’ll deliver them to your door.”

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