Dessert trailer which serves vegan ice cream has 'never been so busy'

AMOR Street Food

Jake serving AMOR's vegan whippy ice cream from its van - Credit: AMOR

The founder of a dessert trailer that tours Norfolk has said the last few weeks have been the busiest in more than a year.

Jade Neil, from Brundall, is the main owner of AMOR, a dessert company based out of a trailer.

She started the business with her fiancée at the end of 2020 after they both lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The trailer serves ice cream and waffles and has recently visited Lingwood, Spixworth and Little Plumstead.  

AMOR Street Food

The lemon meringue pie ice cream tray with biscuit crumb, meringue pieces and lemon sauce. - Credit: AMOR

The 27-year-old said: "I was a receptionist and he is a sound engineer for gigs and stuff. So we both lost our jobs because of lockdown.

"We got jobs at a supermarket but Jake wanted to be self-employed again so we bought an ice cream van and AMOR was born.

"Now we're in a trailer.

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"In 2021 we did it alongside work but now I do this full-time and Jake gets stuck in whenever he can."

The most popular thing on the menu at the moment are the waffles which come with toppings such as Lotus Biscoff, banoffee and lemon meringue. 

AMOR Street Food

Jade Meil and her fiancee Jake started AMOR together in 2020 - Credit: AMOR

The ice cream used is vegan and Miss Neil said they are "really passionate" about everyone being able to enjoy desserts. 

She said: "Since we started doing waffles we've never been so busy. In the last few weeks our social media has blown up.

"Our whippy ice cream is vegan and free of all 14 allergens and we also offer fresh vegan and gluten-free waffles, though they are cooked on the same iron as non-vegan waffles.

"We've had parents bring children who have never been able to have a whippy before due to intolerances and that's been incredible.

AMOR Street food

The AMOR street food van in Aylsham - Credit: AMOR

"We’re really passionate about being as inclusive as possible - no one should have to miss out on dessert."

The business will soon start serving scooped vegan ice cream and the pair have plans to start offering savoury food. 

Miss Neil added: "Last week we were in Taverham and Little Plumstead but we're going to start having a more set schedule so people know where we're going to be."