Flamenco whirls into 21st century

Flamenco Express @ King's Lynn Arts Centre

Flamenco Express @ King's Lynn Arts Centre


Flamenco's association with prancing Lotharios and traditional gift shop señorita dolls is long gone. Flamenco has exploded onto the British dance scene in recent years and is trampling those brash packaged preconceptions into the dust. Much of its current vogue can be attributed to Flamenco Express, the dynamic Greenwich- based company who founded the UK's first ever Flamenco theatre.

In keeping with the nomadic spirit of Flamenco, the line-up flowing through the company is ever changing. This season the King's Lynn audience were treated to the seductive talents of dancer Joaquina who takes on the Romeras, a traditionally male dance, with feverous intensity and impeccably-timed gesture. Dance duo, Carmen and Francesca whirl their way into the 21st century with pulsating rhythms which gather wild momentum and liberate them from the image of the starched-skirted Spanish dancer whose every passion is squeezed into stiff formal gesture.

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Guitarist Tito Heredia's musical talents have been honed by Andalucian maestros while Cristo Mullett comes from four generations of Flamenco guitarists. And it shows. Their radiant arrangements and flawless fretwork are delivered with an emotional eloquence.

This is a fiery ensemble production where every spark of personality is kept alight and creative diversity is given the space to breathe but remain faithful to Flamenco's roots.

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