Fine City Chorus and Norwich Barbershop Harmony Club

Wymondham Abbey (Wymondham Music Festival)

Wymondham Abbey (Wymondham Music Festival)

While the heat-wave roared across Wymondham the town's cool abbey played host to the refreshing and soothing close harmony of the Fine City Chorus.

Singing four-part arrangements of songs from the late 19th century onwards, the quality grew from strength to strength as the concert progressed.

With heartfelt and accurate singing, the quality and mood of their sensitive softer passages was unbeatable.

The FCC was joined by the Broadside Quartet, which has a gentle, well-blended tone and honed presentation, and provided a surprising contrast to the larger group.

Barbershop singing is highly underrated, yet this emotive musical form, when performed well, can be delightfully compelling.

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The singing of the FCC might be considered slightly too conservative for some wanting greater vibrancy, but this large building only proved to enhance the intimacy of the style.

The delicate top line was spot on and the blend was, on the whole, very effective.

The gentlemen of the FCC truly love what they do and this can be seen as well as heard. They bob and sway; they just cannot help it.

The mood was suitably relaxed and perfect for a hot afternoon, even if the compère does need to learn some new jokes.