Extras needed for film set in north Norfolk

The crew on location scout. From left to right: Isabella Lozano (production design), Edward Brindle

The crew on location scout. From left to right: Isabella Lozano (production design), Edward Brindle (assistant producer), Alexis Parrinder-Nicholls (writer/director), Bethan Harrison (producer), Allan Ng (cinematographer). ^ - Credit: submitted

Keen bird watchers with a taste for fame are being sought to appear in a new film being shot in north Norfolk.

A group of final year students who are studying at the University of the Arts in London, are producing a quirky comedy short film set in rural north Norfolk where birdwatching and drug smuggling meet.

Cocaine and Cormorants follows the story of Gilbert, a mild-mannered bird warden, finds himself unwittingly in the middle of a plot to smuggle drugs into the UK via trained waterbirds.

The crew have said the film will be a humorous but warm depiction of birdwatching culture, and they are looking for 30 extras aged 50 plus to fill the role of 'twitchers' in the climactic scene.

They are shooting much of the film on bird reserves in north Norfolk, including at Cley, and want to get the local community behind their project.

Writer and director Alexis Parrinder-Nicholls said: 'I've got family up in North Norfolk and have always felt a strong connection to the area and its nature, in particular its birdlife so I thought it'd be a great setting for an eccentric comedy where a classic British hobby is presented in a different and unexpected way.'

They have now completed story boards, set designs, schedules and the securing of locations, and are currently working on casting, camera tests and the soundtrack.

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They hope eventually to take the film to various festivals but are still trying to raise funds via the Crowdfunding website.

Mr Parrinder-Nicholls can be contacted via the Crowdfunding website link - https://www.phundee.com/reward/campaign/cocaine-cormorants.

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