Elton John: Tour factfile

Ian ClarkeInformation on Elton's tour technical and backstage requirementsIan Clarke


How many crew are on the road? 37.

How many days will it take to load in? Six.

How many crew will it take to put up the stage? 60 (these are additional to the touring crew).

How many trucks of production will there be? Eight.

How many trucks of steel (i.e. containing the stage)? Six.

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How many tonnes of steel? 120.

How big is the crane that will be used to put up the stage? 35 tonne crane.

How many generators? Two 500 KVA 'Twin Set' generators.

How many watts of power? 44,000.

How many metres of cable? 8,950.

How many light bulbs are in the lighting rig? Approximately 100 moving lights.

How many boxes are there in the sound rig? 52.

How many mic's are on stage? 40.

How many pianos are on tour? Two.

How many times a day is the piano tuned? Once.


How many costumes does Elton take on the road with him? 40-50.

Does Elton have any peculiar requests on his dressing room rider? Flowers!!!

Are there any particular things that Elton specifically has to have in his dressing room? Twinnings English Breakfast tea, Diet Coke, San Pellegrino sparkling water.

Is there anything in particular than Elton does before he goes on stage? Vocal exercises.

Does Elton have any particular things for when he comes off stage? Climbs in the car and goes home!


How many shows on the European leg of this tour? 15.

How many hours will he spend on stage on this tour? 34 hours.

How many people will he perform to on this tour? 225,000.