Electric Six


Despite replacing three of their original members since June this year, Electric Six proved they were still as crazy as ever last night by dazzling from the start with opening track Electric Demons in Love, threatening to both blind and deafen the audience with a combination of wailing guitars, screeching vocals and strobe lighting.

This is a band that could comfortably fill a stadium with noise, and in the cramped confines of the LCR it was almost too much to take.

Explosive track followed explosive track, only broken by Dick Valentine's strange acapella interlude in the middle of the apocalyptic lighting display of Nuclear War. The party was soon restarted with the song everybody had come to see, the legendary High Voltage, one of the highlights of the evening.

The set was considerably livened up by Valentine's sheer insanity as he gave new meaning to the song Improper Dancing, directing the lighting with mechanical precision.

Despite a few weaker new tracks, and a tendency for their songs to merge together, the encore proved to be the pinnacle of their performance, as a cover of Radio Ga Ga got the crowd singing, and Gay Bar finished off the evening in spectacular style.

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