Norwich Gallery, St George's St

Four photographs capturing the process from spindle whorl to ball of thread are one of Bea Winterbone's ways of interpreting her theme. Then weaving comes to the fore, in a succession of forms like half opened books with pages made of loose fabric. A long strip of cloth hanging in a curve suggests progression. But that is finally thwarted in a fourth section denying continuity.

Severance, as it is titled, is an exhibit in a show of work by students on the MA textile culture course under the direction of Victoria Mitchell at the Norwich School of Art and Design.

Jeanette Durrant takes historical inspiration from the trade and transport of the Wensum. The dark tanned sail of a wherry falls boldly from the angle of its gaff to a floor reddened as if by the dyer's madder.

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The country gives Lizzy Harvey materials for her decorative pattern. Wisps of binder twine add flashes of deep orange and surprisingly bright blue to the quieter colour of other scraps gathered on a country walk.

Going in a different direction, Helen Caless reflects on the patterns of nursery stories that she discovered while working with local school children.

Christopher Smith

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