Educating Rita

Sheringham Little Theatre

Sheringham Little Theatre

William Russell's play is about a voyage of discovery - equal partners in a relationship that makes each bigger and better than they were.

Forget Michael Caine and Julie Walters. Talented, committed, skilled, yes. But, this is the real thing. Perhaps there is something for which tour de force was invented. And moving, very moving, with it.

Anthony Clegg plays his part - as a cynical, weary tutor - as a young man in an older skin just longing to come alive.

And, surprise, surprise, who walks through the door but Rita - an assertive, insecure, determined young woman wanting to know why she knows so little.

Jane Stanton plays her like her life depended on it. And she makes Rita real, powerful and important. And she knows so much.

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This was a master class two-hander.

And massive credit to the theatre's patron, Desmond Barrit, who directed this first in-house production by the new professional repertory company.

This man is a talent this glorious little theatre truly deserves.

The play is skilfully updated by Willy Russell with many contemporary references, but forget all that.

This is a glorious night out, which runs until Saturday, July 15. Do not miss this world-class production in this tiny repertory theatre. I enjoyed it so much, I plan to go again.

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