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“Im so glad I've found this....” Editors frontman Tom Smith's baritone voice filled a packed Arts Centre, sliding around the captivated audience like a 1950s crooner's.

Cranking in to the hit single Munich against a backdrop of driving bass, banging drumbeats and space age synths, Editors create a big sound that is both exciting and passionate.

The songs roll and shatter like breaking waves driving the crowd - eager for their first taste of the much vaunted Birmingham four-piece - crazy.

The group, who have been compared to Joy Division, are relative newcomers, only having been signed to independent label Kitchenware Records in 2004.

But just a month after the release of their stunning debut album, The Back Rooms, they have already sold out every date on their autumn tour.

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And with just cause. The band show none of the jerky insecurities of new pop acts but stride around the stage with the confidence of accomplished musicians.

By the time the group slip into the thrashing hit Bullets, the whole crowd is moving.

One reviewer said if Bullets had been written by U2 it would have been at number one for a month.

There's time yet, but Editors will certainly not be in a small venue next time round, so it was great to see them at such an intimate venue.