Ed Byrne review: a solid hour of laughter

Ed Byrne. Picture: Supplied by King's Lynn Corn Exchange

Ed Byrne. Picture: Supplied by King's Lynn Corn Exchange - Credit: Supplied by King's Lynn Corn Exchange

Affable Irishman Ed Byrne was propping up the stage boards of the King's Lynn Corn Exchange on Fireworks night and gave a brutally truthful account into the realities of middle age as part of his aptly named 'If I'm Honest' show.

A master of aphorisms, the experienced comic, who is currently embarking on a nationwide tour, following on from his hugely successful 2016 show Spoiler Alert, depicts the difficulties regularly encountered in passing anything of worth, aside from his involuntary ticks, down to his two sons.

Al as having to mask the real reasons behind rejecting the opportunity to appear on Strictly Come Dancing for fear of breaking up the family home.

A frequent face on comedy panel shows such as Mock the Week and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The Dubliner has enjoyed notable successes on the UK comedy circuit since bursting onto the scene with a 1998 Perrier Award nomination at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Byrne endears himself to his audience with his self-deprecating manner, highlighting in a hilarious guise the reason he is not able to body build at 47, as well as the boredom behind talking about the mundane exercise of running with fellow enthusiasts.

The quirks of the comedian are apparent, with quips on tap and the occasional dark joke leaving the audience little time to recover between cackles.

If I'm Honest provides a solid hour of laughter tracks from a man who has long been in the comedy industry and claims, due to the demands of family life and the regular heckling that comes with it, needs the refuge of the stage now more than ever.