Dracula, Kabala of Friends

Conical Productions at Norwich City College

We all know the story of Dracula: the fiendish count sating his blood-lust on two young and beautiful damsels, with the Dutch professor Van Helsing called in to keep the vampire at bay. The struggle increases right up to the last few pages and so does the tension.

Conical Productions' new adaptation of Bram Stoker's original, by Mariela Stevenson, comes with an apology to the author, deconstructing the original to bring us a funny, profane and expressionist reading.

Mia Stevenson keeps the 16-strong cast whipping along in a pastiche musical, Victorian melodrama-cum-circus freak show.

In this first showing of Stevenson's play, the second half occasionally lost its forward drive in a desire to confront us with our own inner demons. But this is a new play with raw energy, which deserves to find a large audience.

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