Dodgy review: ‘A thrilling 90 minute set’

English rock band Dodgy brought their Homegrown tour to Norwich. Photo: Carry On Press

English rock band Dodgy brought their Homegrown tour to Norwich. Photo: Carry On Press - Credit: Carry On Press

In many ways Dodgy are a misunderstood band. One of the many acts to see their popularity soar in the mid 1990s at the height of Britpop, many will probably know them for their easy listening, radio friendly biggest hits.

But look beyond those songs and you'll see a band with a superb back catalogue and one that is actually more diverse than you might realise.

And that rings true tonight as they head to the UEA LCR as part of a tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of their Homegrown album.

While not the band's biggest selling release, it's definitely their best and as we are reminded doesn't contain a bad song in it.

It's played in full to a crowd of around 500, many of whom sing along enthusiastically to old favourites like Staying Out For The Summer, Melodies Haunt You and an epic and memorable Grassman.

It's a thrilling 90 minute set and the band (now a five-piece instead of the trio they were in the 90s) sound superb, nailing the harmonies every time.

They look like they're enjoying a return to these tracks as much as the crowd and frontman Nigel Clarke is as chatty and cheerful as always - his voice remains in fine fettle too.

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They close with a few of their greatest hits such as Good Enough, In A Room and a surprisingly poignant If You're Thinking Of Me, before vowing to return in two years to celebrate the album these appear on.

On this evidence they'll be made more than welcome.

Hat tip to the two support acts, an enjoyable 30-minute acoustic set from Tony Wright of Terrorvision and a fantastically edgy (and at times jaw-droppingly dark) set from Babybird. They helped make it a brilliant evening.