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What happened to Oliver Twist and Co? Well, if you want to find out, then this show is for you, taking off from where the famous Dickens story ended.

Written and directed by David Lambert with music by Andrew Fletcher, Dodger! is this summer's production by the Norwich Theatre Royal Youth Theatre Company.

It's wonderful to see the same youngsters, one year older, attack their roles with more ability and range than the year before. These shows are a marathon effort with a total cast of more than 350 youngsters between eight and 19. Everyone excelled.

However, Dodger himself (Jack Bannon) was perfectly cast with Becky Hadley providing a strong performance and lovely singing as his girlfriend Bet. The crooked lawyers Mr Snitchey and Mr Craggs (Tom Hopkins and David Green) were simply fantastic as the dastardly villains along with the browbeaten Albert Jarber (Daniel Herrick) and a truly frightening wife, Mrs Jarber, played wonderfully by Rebecca Molloy.

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t Dodger! runs until Saturday, August 4.

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