Dirty Pretty Things

UEA LCR, Norwich

UEA LCR, Norwich

To the casual observer The Libertines may simply have seemed a vehicle for Pete Doherty - but for thousands of fans Carl Barat serves as a reminder of the band they could and should have been.

He may not gain as many column inches as his erstwhile song-writing partner but that is something for which he is no doubt thankful. His new project Dirty Pretty Things is beginning to build a musical legacy all of its own.

While a performance by Doherty's Babyshambles is anticipated with a morbid fascination, those following Dirty Pretty Things do so for the songs alone.

The band possesses all the energy and troubadour tendencies as its predecessor but combines that with a cohesion brought about by their determination to become more than a momentary blip in musical history.

It is impossible to ignore debut single Bang Bang You're Dead - a song penned in the aftermath of The Libertines' collapse. It is fuelled by anger disguised by a sing-along melody that brought the crowd to a frenetic peak.

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This track is not alone in its cathartic ranting but it does not sum up the whole experience. Gin and Milk and Last of the Small Time Drinkers see a return to Barat's story-telling roots.

Doherty may grab the headlines for now but Barat can stand the test of time.

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