Derek Acorah

LORNA MARSH Norwich Theatre Royal


Norwich Theatre Royal

We went in as one sceptic and one believer - yet both huge fans of the former star of television's Most Haunted.

And the sceptic was not even cynical when it comes to the paranormal generally, just not sure about the extent of Derek Acorah's talents after his controversial exit from the show.

But I have to concede his hit rate was impressive. During the first 'spirit connection' my mind was screaming 'plant' but as it became clear that the people he was targeting were not scripted actors, my scepticism fell away.

Either way it was a hugely entertaining performance and at times laugh-out-loud (with Derek, not at him).

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The problem was I wanted the direct proof to come to me, not just fellow audience members.

However, we came out as one believer and one nearly there.

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