Defending The Caveman

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Defending the Caveman by Rob Becker was heralded by so much hype and promise that it was the funniest, most hilarious solo play ever that I was almost persuaded to hate it on sight.

Almost - because the popular comedy rose to the challenge and for two hours, delivered continuous laughter.

It was the longest-running solo play in Broadway history, running for two years after opening at the Helen Hayes Theatre, Broadway in 1995.

It has now been seen in more than 30 countries and performed in more than 15 languages and in 2000 won the prestigious Society of London Theatre Olivier Award for Best Entertainment with Mark Little, of Neighbours fame, as the star.

At the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft, Mark gave another outstanding performance of this hysterical look at men, women and why the battle of the sexes is still going strong.

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In a role that has won him critical and public acclaim, Mark had the women in the audience on side from the word go and the men certainly appreciated his hilarious attempts to rationalise the female psyche.

Defending the Caveman hits the right note for everyone who recognises the inherent differences between men and women.