Dames at Sea

Sheringham Little Theatre

There can be few things more difficult in the theatre than rehearsing a musical comedy with no audience, no response, no laughter or applause to give the players the feel for the real thing.

But at the Little Theatre, Sheringham, a great cast proved Dames At Sea was truly the real thing. Desmond Barrit brilliantly judged the direction this play needed.

And his players responded magnificently.

They took a pastiche musical with a daft plot, shook it up and turned it into sheer delight.

Catherine Terry prowled the stage as the over-the-top Broadway star. Stewart Charlesworth superbly worked up his role as the promising songwriter, whilst Lewis Rae was supremely goofy in his double-takes as his sailor sidekick.

Laura Johnson skilfully melded the two facets of being a professional cynic with a heart of gold.

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And Sean Oliver played two vital roles with such conviction he held the whole show together.

Jessica Robinson had the most demanding part and played it to perfection she had to be simple but believable and made us laugh and cry at the same time.

The choreography by Alison Golding was brilliant and the music by one-man genius, Jezz Wetherall, was spot on.

And did the audience like it? We loved it. We roared with laughter - and enjoyed it as much as the cast clearly did too.

The show is on until Wednesday, August 16 and back again from Thursday, August 31 to Wednesday, September 6. See it. You will love it too.