Daleks set for summer invasion

RICHARD BATSON Dozens of Daleks are heading to Holt this summer - but their invasion has a mission to entertain rather than exterminate.


Dozens of Daleks are heading to Holt this summer - but their invasion has a mission to entertain rather than exterminate.

The normally merciless mechanised monsters will be joining in fun events such as trolley dashes and themed breakfasts.

They are among the stars of a Dr Who weekend in June which will see the town's quaint Georgian streets, better known for their stylish shops, teaming with a range of science-fiction and comic book characters.

Organiser Nigel Pearce said they aimed to attract 100 Daleks - which, unlike other static displays, would be “roaming the town.”

They would take part in sci-fi breakfasts at Byford's café, bark orders to humans in a supermarket trolley dash, as well as take part in a parade with other Dr Who enemies such as Cybermen.

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It was hoped that ex Doctor Colin Baker would put in an appearance during a weekend geared towards fun, raising awareness of Holt among a group of people who would not normally visit the town, and boosting charity - with the East Anglian Air Ambulance the main benefactor.

Co-promoter Andy Argyle said the event would also feature characters from Star Wars, Star Trek and comic books -such as Spiderman, Batman and Robocop.

The town's carnival day and parade has been cancelled this year, but its fringe events, such as a treasure hunt, quiz and family disco, will go ahead, linked to the Dr Who festival instead.

The local country park is holding an orienteering competition on Saturday June 25 at 2pm. Another curtain raiser that evening is a meet-the-celebrities buffet at the Feathers Hotel, featuring actors such as Terry Molloy, who played the Daleks' evil creator Davros.

The big day, Sunday June 26, will be centred on the market place, but with events happening all around town.

Daleks and Davros were in town at the weekend to “case the joint” with wide-eyed children meeting them at close quarters in the town's Picturecraft Gallery.

t Local children are being asked to help promote the event by designing colourful posters. Entry forms for two age categories - up to 11, and up to 16 - are available from the library, Picturecraft Gallery, primary school and town council offices, and should be returned by March 13.

t Further information at www.planetskaro.co.uk

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