Crude Apache

A Resounding Tinkle and The Complete History of Opressed People Everywhere, at St Peter's Methodist Church Hall, Norwich

A Resounding Tinkle was an absurdist sitcom complete with box set, painted glaring white, and a bright-red Seventies three-piece suite

The lights glared up, revealing a man and woman standing stock-still centre stage, like figures in a cuckoo clock.

Rituals and patterns of language built up to comic effect as we were treated to a hilarious array of paradoxical events: everything from elephants in the back garden to boa constrictors so small they could fit in a cigarette box.

Andy Bennett as Bro Paradocks with his resigned, dogmatic air provided a good balance for Jenny Belsey as his frowsty, nagging wife and Sam Wright, their religiously inclined, recently female uncle, kept the pace frothing along.

Part two of the evening was The Complete History of Oppressed People Everywhere.

And what a roller coaster ride this was. Will Averill used a cast of over 70 puppets or dolls and four exuberant humans to bring us the tale of practically every notable tyrant who has ever been.

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The style could be described as a successful hybrid of Sesame Street and Monty Python with several cartoons thrown in for good measure.

God was a large duck, the famous Greek oppressor King Creon was Tigger.

It's always good to see that artistic anarchy is not dead. It is alive and well, and living in Norfolk.

t The Crude Apache show continues at St Peter's Methodist Church Hall, Park Lane, Norwich, from Thursday to Saturday, March 25-27. Tickets are £5 (concs £4), available on the door and the Norwich Arts Centre box office, telephone 01603 660352.

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