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Norwich Castle

> Norwich Castle

This exhibition is such a great ambassador for installation art, the very humanity of the pieces ensure intrigue and accessibility.

They also provoke a gamut of unexpected emotions – after all, it isn't everyday you see family heirlooms subjected to an act of such gratuitous vandalism!

In truth, Thirty Pieces of Silver, a collection of more than 1000 silver objects that have been crushed by a steamroller, almost seemed an assault on the sanctity of high tea.

Initially I mourned the squished sugar shakers, which masqueraded in a guise of usefulness alongside irreparably tangled teapots and distorted toast racks.

This was a sorry summation of key moments in anonymous lives; a candelabra given as a wedding gift, a celebratory christening goblet.

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However, accepting the fate of these once- treasured objects led to an appreciation of the meditative quality of the piece.

The circular lily pad reconfigurations hovered with such eerie beauty that all feelings of wastage were supplanted by overwhelming wonderment.

Violently creative destruction is also the inherent tension in Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View. With the help of the British Army, Parker detonated a garden shed and then deftly reassembled the detritus in orbit around a small yet immensely significant light bulb. Casting shadows of great import on the wall and floor, this microcosmic universe is formed from commonplace domestic ephemera.

And I experienced only mild outrage at the wreaking of havoc on this venerated place of retreat, preferring to nosily revel in identifying the contents; castanets and curlers, roller skates and dismembered action figures, which cumulatively resonated contemporary car-boot sale culture. Its fascination is universal, because we're all guilty of hoarding stuff that may be useful sometime or might just fetch a few quid – although I cynically noted that there was only enough actual wood included in the piece to make a large rabbit hutch!

t Exhibition runs until February 27

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