Coldplay website describes Norwich gig as an “unexpected belter”

It seems it was not just the people of Norwich who thought rock giants' Coldplay's recent University of East Anglia concert was a bit special.

A blog on the band's official website, written by various 'roadies' who travel around the world with the band, said: 'The week rolls on with a Radio 1 show from Norwich. The Norwich show is an unexpected belter.

'The show reinforces my belief that the best nights are never the ones you expect, they just pop up out of nowhere and surprise you.'

However, it was not a happy show for all of the Coldplay team as lead singer Chris Martin's guitar technician and the band's longest-serving roadie, Hoppy, was injured during the Norwich show and ended up on crutches.

The blog writer adds: 'A man with a messed-up ankle being called Hoppy - the gags write themselves!'

Read the full blog at

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