Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

The Waterfront, Norwich

> The Waterfront, Norwich

Imagine a group of hippies inspired by the Go-Betweens formed a band with Talking Heads' lead singer David Byrne and you will have a good idea what Clap Your Hands Say Yeah sound like.

But then visualising what this bizarre ensemble complete with harmonicas and tambourines might look like on stage is an entirely different matter.

Fortunately for the Brooklyn-based five piece, they have avoided over-exposure on the television and in the music press, which leaves the sold-out audience at Norwich's Waterfront last night eager with anticipation.

And on the night the band didn't disappoint.

The show was as chaotic and bizarre as their self-titled debut album.

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But a good mix of album tracks and new material had The Waterfront pumping.

To begin with the band was so low key it was hard to believe. But Clap Your Hands Say Yeah may not be glamorous pop stars but I have got a feeling they are here to stay.