Circus with wheel thrills deserves to be called best yet

This summer's circus spectacular at Great Yarmouth Hippodrome is fully deserving of the title 'Best by test'.

My seven and five-year-old daughters have seen every summer and Christmas show since they were born and their enthusiastic verdict earlier this week was: 'This is by far the best one we have seen.'

The blend of thrills and artistry are enough to keep adults on the edge of their seats as well, and I have no hesitation in voting the Wheel of Death act by Columbia's Duo Vanegas as the most spectacular I have seen over the past decade.

The sight of one of the daring performers launching into a forward somersault on the outside of what resembles a giant spinning hamster wheel brought audible intakes of breath from the packed audience.

There is plenty of other refreshing novelty too, with dashing Jemile Martinez creating an original mixture of football skills and juggling.

Producer Peter Jay has become renowned for ringing the creative changes and the amazing hand- balancing act of the Polish Duo Vector is elevated to an even higher level by being performed on an 'island' in the historic venue's water feature.

Hippodrome favourite Robert Foxhall – dubbed the man who can fly – soars to new levels of artistry with a totally new routine, while The Crows, from Belarus, show the dexterity on the horizontal bars that comes from being former world-class gymnasts.

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Comedy acrobat Vladimir Georgievsky has the audience in stitches – and almost feeling the bruises – in a fast-paced routine that demonstrates the ultimate skill required 'in getting it all wrong'.

Mr Jay's son Jack and comedian Johhny Mac prove a far more assured double act in their second summer hosting the show and their comedy sketches are spot on as regards length, successfully covering transitions but never becoming tedious.

The colour of the show is added to by the Estelle Clifton dancers and the customary second-half performance by the Jan Baines' show swimmers.

Stephen Pullinger

To book tickets for the circus, which runs until September 19, call 01493 844172 or visit

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