Christmas Seaside Special

Pavilion Theatre, Cromer

Pavilion Theatre, Cromer

The cosy confines of Cromer's end of pier theatre played host to the opening night of this third year of Christmas special, mixing the usual variety of music, song, dance and comedy with many surreal but entertaining moments.

Who would have expected a rendition of William Tell's Overture courtesy of a ukulele (excellent as it happens) or the 1980s alien ET selling the Big Issue?

And it is only now that many of us realise that Macs Shirt is an anagram of Christmas.

As well as the bizarre there was plenty of the expected fodder - Christmas jingles, risqué humour and all-cast song-and-dance numbers.

A spoonerism version of Cinderella, or rather Rindecella, allowed cheeky comic Kev Duncan to get away with such naughties as “fissed as a part” and “mugger be”.

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And early in the piece there was a cleverly executed dance with lights down, featuring luminous gloves, shoes and bow ties linked to the Happy Feet movie.

The adult cast was well backed up by youngsters from Cromer Dance Works and Broadland Youth Choir.

Favourite performer? Undoubtedly multi-instrumentalist Andy Eastwood, who wielded electric guitar and violin alongside the aforementioned ukulele with energy and no little skill.

Excellent pace both between fast and slow numbers and also between styles of entertainment, plus good choreography throughout, set up this three-week run in style and good humour.

t The show runs until December 29, with performances most days at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. Contact the box office on 01263 512495 or visit

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