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Many people might imagine that world-class entertainment and Yarmouth simply don't mix – but to any doubters my advice would be get along to Peter Jay's latest show at the Hippodrome Circus before it closes on January 9.

While the average provincial pantomime has about as much life as cold turkey, this show fizzes like vintage Champagne – and there is no shuffling in the seats of even the youngest spectators.

Mr Jay performs his annual miracle of scouring the world for the most talented circus acts – bringing them together in a matter of days for a show that looks like it took weeks of rehearsals.

He proves himself the master of his genre through the dramatic use of coloured lights and music which perfectly complements the atmosphere of the 101-year-old Hippodrome.

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Every year he finds a new 'gem', and this year he literally struck gold with the breathtaking Golden Statues display of the Lamarti trio from Morocco who exhibit the control and strength of Olympic gymnasts.

First graduate of the Hippodrome circus school, 17-year-old Zoe Fausto's graceful aerial act is another highlight of the show.

The Vriim Troupe from Bulgaria make a return visit to Yarmouth with their 'Russian Swing' routine, which propels them so high they nearly touch the roof.

Columbian high-wire act Los Ayalas leaves the audience anxiously straining their eyes to check for wobbles (intentional) as they perform their daring routine 30ft up.

Henri Prince of Clowns succeeds in entertaining every age group, and his second-half routine as a hapless waiter, which dissolves into a spaghetti battle with the audience, is especially funny.

The very polished Estelle Clifton Dancers ensure that the show proceedes seamlessly, and the Jan Baines Show Swimmers are the stars at the end of the circus, when the Hippodrome's arena turns into a giant swimming pool.

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