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Norwich Arts Centre

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No reviewer likes to disappoint. And as I left the Arts Centre last night, I found I had made Chris Addison a number of pledges. The first was to mention his outfit in the review: namely a blue shirt and a pair of jeans, topped by a nice, friendly looking face and fluffy hair.

How deceptive appearances can be. He might have looked affable enough, but beware!

There are all kinds of things that get this comic riled up: and within a structure loosely based around the elements of the universe and our control of them (or otherwise) he proceeded to let loose on everything.

He descanted on the inanity of suicide bombers; the iniquities of British transport; the state of the A11 (and who can blame him); Trevor McDonald and news reports which told us nothing; opinion-based journalism....the list went on.

The gags were physical, quick and sure. His delivery was deft, and although much of the material was in the area of Schadenfreude: that pleasure at somebody slipping on banana skins which always sends me a twinge of pain, he was stimulating company and willing to take a risk.

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