Chas and Dave: Cromer Pier Pavilion Theatre

Chas and Dave.

Chas and Dave. - Credit: Archant

Owning up to attending a Chas and Dave gig is to risk derision from people with a knowledge deficit and an opinion surfeit.

They are all too easily dismissed as a cheeky chappies' novelty act, and draw smug laughter from the ill-informed.

With Cockney blood on my muvver's side, and four Chas and Dave gigs under my belt, I'm a long-time convert.

But this is 2015, some 50 years on from when Chas Hodges (the singer/pianist) and Dave Peacock (singer/guitarist) began their music careers. So can they still cut it?

Of course they can.

Backed by drummer Nik Hodges, the son of Chas and successor to the late Mick 'give it some stick' Burt, they delivered a relentless set of hand-clapping, foot-tapping tunes, punctuated with little bits of banter and the odd anecdote.

The intricacy of the songs is remarkable: but not nearly as remarkable as their ability to deliver with power, accuracy and consummate timing.

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I found it hard to take my eyes off Chas, whose piano skills are spellbinding, and delivered in an enviably laconic style. He's a genuine virtuoso.

The set was - loosely - split into the 1970s and the 1980s. But it included songs from their new album, That's What Happens, and some superb bursts of skiffle and boogie-woogie.

The highlights, not surprisingly, were the hits. Margate, Rabbit, London Girls, Gertcha, Snooker Loopy and Ain't No Pleasing You got us all singing along.

But they were part of a consistently tremendous set, that finished with The Sideboard Song and only really ended when Chas has done his own little jig before exiting stage left.

They are clearly still enjoying every minute of the music. Novelty band? Are you 'avin a larf, guv? This novelty will never wear off.

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