Chas and Dave

STEVE DOWNES Pavilion Theatre, Cromer


Pavilion Theatre, Cromer

They've supported the Libertines, played Glastonbury last year, and had their songs covered by Tori Amos.

Chas and Dave - and the mercurial “give it some stick” Mick on the drums - may be in their 60s, but the advance of time has certainly not blunted their appeal or dulled their musical talents.

Put simply, they were breathtaking.

In the first half, they played a stripped down set with two guitars, pausing to answer questions from the audience as they played songs by the artists who influenced them as they grew up in north London.

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The likes of Lonnie Donegan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Harry Champion (of Any Old Iron and Boiled Beef and Carrots fame) and Long Sal - who used to sing with Chas's mum in the pubs of north London.

After the interval, the pace picked up to breakneck level, with Chas taking his place at the piano and Dave strumming his trusty bass.

Some of the musicianship and timing was scintillating. Chas left people spellbound with the speed and exuberance of his piano playing.

The highlights were the brilliant Gertcha!, Sideboard and Rabbit. Slower songs like Sunshine of your Smile and Oh Darlin' were handled sensitively as the pace changed.

After 31 years together, they clearly have not lost their love for the music or a good old knees up.