Camille O'Sullivan

Ian CollinsNorwich Theatre Royal (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)Ian Collins

Norwich Theatre Royal (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)

Camille O'Sullivan tickled me from the start. I mean literally.

Sitting at the end of a row and waiting for the leading lady to enter what looked like a Weimar Berlin nightclub, I felt a hand down the back of my neck.

The French-Irish chanteuse had slipped in from a side door to connect with her audience.

It could have been worse - or better. Men in the front row may have been on edge as an unsettling performer growled and prowled on and off the stage, first a kitten and then a jaguar, to give us the raw power of authentic cabaret backed by a brilliant five-piece band.

Although grounded in the Weill and Brecht songbook, Camille burst out with works by Jacques Brel, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and (most darkly magical of all) Nick Cave.

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Talking of bursting out - she nearly parted company with two skimpy costumes mid-song, but just managed to hang on in there.

Trying to place that voice I thought of Sinead O'Connor crossed with Shane MacGowan - oh, OK then, Janis Joplin.

By which I mean that the divine Miss O'Sullivan is a five-star star. Unique and utterly wonderful.

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