Calvin Harris



UEA LCR, Norwich

There are some things that were 'Acceptable in the Eighties' that are best left there - shoulder-pads, bubble perms and capitalism, for example.

But at the UEA LCR last night Scottish electro pop wiz Calvin Harris showed the crowd that the decade which also gave us fluorescent towelling socks wasn't all bad.

I guess the best description of his music would be “now-tro”. Using old-school synthesisers and electronic bleeps as his starting point, Harris takes all the pop fun the Eighties had to offer, and gives it a saucy Noughties twist.

Along with Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys and Kate Nash, Harris's big break came via MySpace - barely a year after posting his first tracks on the site he was lounging at the upper reaches of the charts and had the likes of Kylie Minogue and Sophie Ellis-Bextor chasing his production skills.

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The crowd was so youthful that I thought I had mistakenly stumbled into an episode of the teen drama Skins.But the combination of glo-stick waving and an adrenalin rush as tracks like Colours, Merrymaking At My Place, and summer hit The Girls, with its sleazy bass line and even sleazier lyrics, soon rubbed off on me.

Yes, it's good news that the Eighties are back. But I still couldn't be persuaded to wear a snood again.